Thursday, December 29, 2016

                      GOOD DAY EVERYONE!!

  To those following my Blog please have patience as this time of year is very, very busy and am not having much time to update installs.
  Lost my hotspot out in the desert through Foxfi when Verizon updated my phone.
  So thank you for your Patience and Support on my Blog. Have a Awesome New Year!!



This is the England install, installed on December 21st. Here we installed (6) 160 watt Solar Panels, 2 Blue Sky 30/24i 40A Solar Controllers, (6) AGM Batteries, Magnum 2800 watt Pure Sine Inverter.
This is on a 35 ft. Excel Inverter.

This is located in the front compartment.
2800 watt Magnum Inverter, 2 Blue Sky Controllers, (6) 6v AGM Batteries, 2 Solar Disconnect Switches, (2) 50A resettable circuit breakers, 400A T-Fuse

Looking towards rear of 5ver. TV Antenna is over solar panel in travel mode. no other choice as we had difficult time placing 6 solar panels on roof with vents in not normal places.

Looking forward on 5ver. Panels tilt long ways instead of traditional sideways. Each panel is on its own #8 wire to 2 junction boxes.

IPN Pro Remote & Magnum ME-ARC50

Shunt is located on left side

Junction Boxes where panels come together on #8 wire and then #4 wire to Controller / Batteries

Sub Panel for Magnum Inverter. Sub Panels are Required on 30A rigs as well to separate hot loads such as air conditioning.

IPN Pro Remote is for the Blue Sky Controllers and is one of the Best Battery Monitors out there. 7 Blue Sky Controllers can Stack on the same Remote looking at each controller individually.

Magnum ME-ARC50 Advanced is a great remote if you have all Magnum products. You can access the settings for BMK, PT-100A, Gen Start, Inverter,

Monday, December 19, 2016



This is the Erby install completed the 15th of December. On a 43 ft. Toy Hauler with 3 air conditioners. We installed (12) 160 watt Solar Panels !! 7 on tilt mounted and 5 flat mounted. (3) Blue Sky 3024i Solar Charge Controllers for 1920 Watts & 120 Amps!!
Also a Magnum 3000 Watt Hybrid 60A Inverter & (8) 6v T-105RE Batteries

Arial View of the Solar install

Here we have the Magnum 3012 Hybrid Pure Sine Inverter
(3) Blue Sky 3024i Solar Charge Controllers with IPN Pro Remote
(3) Solar Disconnect Switches & Shunt

Looking forward on the TH. 3 Waterproof Junction Boxes. One for each controller with 4 panels wired separately to each box on #8 wire. #4 wire going from box to Controllers / Batteries

Arial View

Forward Compartment next to generator with (4) 6v T-105RE Batteries in Stainless Steel Box Vented with 50A Resettable Circuit Breaker for MASTER Controller

Arial View

Looking towards back of TH is (9) 160 watt panels

(2) 50A Resettable Circuit Breakers for SLAVE 1 & SLAVE 2 Controllers

Sub Panel installed for the Magnum Hybrid Inverter
All AC outlets and one air conditioner

Other (4) 6v T-105RE Batteries in a totally sealed and vented box in Bay

On this System we used (3) Blue Sky Controllers to obtain 120 amps. This system is also expandable. 7 controllers can Stack on the same IPN PRO REMOTE, with readings of each individual controller.
The Magnum PT-100A is only capable of 100 amps and at this time NOT Stackable.



This is the Quimby Install completed Dec. 7th in Quartzsite, Arizona.
Here we installed (4) 160 watt Solar Panels & (4) 100 watt Solar Panels with a Magnum PT-100A Solar Charge Controller.
(4) 100 watt panels were previously installed with a Renogy Controller. This rig has a Residential Refrigerator and the previous system could not keep batteries charged without running generator a lot, while Boondocking.
Renogy Controller was removed and replaced with Magnum PT-100

Magnum installed with Solar Disconnect Switch

Magnum PT-100A ($799) & Disconnect Switch ($25)

Arial View of install of (4) 160 watt Panels & (4) 100 watt Panels
wired at 24v. ( 1040 watts )

Shunt for BMK ( Battery Monitor Kit ) installed
Disconnect Switch for Inverter

All This Solar Equipment can be purchased right here on this blog.
Brian's One Stop Shopping for All your RV Solar System needs.

Saturday, December 3, 2016



Hope everyone is enjoying this Blog with the installs. Here in Quartzsite I have numerous installs each week and have decided to Highlight one install every 10 days.
I hope you understand as I have limited time each and every day.

I also want to THANK EVERYONE who is purchasing Products through my blog!!



This is the Pickle Install !! Here we installed a "Full Solar System". (4) 160 watt 9A Solar Panels, Magnum PT-100A Solar Controller, Magnum 2000 watt Pure Sine Inverter, (4) V-Max 6v AGM Batteries. On November 29th 2016. This is a Expandable system, when needed they can add up to 6 more 160 watt panels right into the prewired junction boxes.

Taking pictures with the Drone. 1st flight after its crash 700' on the side of a mountain!

On this install the batteries were located on both sides of the trailer. ( Typically where the propane tanks go ) 6v V-Max AGM Batteries & 125A ANL Fuse for Magnum Controller.

Other side of trailer. 300A T-Fuse for inverter & Shunt
Used 4/0 Cables in between batteries

Magnum ME-ARC50 Remote

640 Watts  /  36A

This system is wired 24v on adjustable tilts with 2 junction boxes for easy addition of more panels.

Here we have the Magnum 2000 watt Pure Sine Inverter & Magnum PT-100A Solar Controller with Disconnect Switch

Sunday, November 20, 2016


                               GOOD EVENING EVERYONE!!

     I recently purchased a Wilson WeBoost Drive 4G-M. I have always had issues with Internet Signal in some of our Boondocking Locations, as well in our spot on the BLM outside of Quartzsite,Arizona. We always had barely 1 bar in our spot on the BLM.
     After installing it the other day I now have 3 strong bars, sometimes 4. I'm amazed at how well this works and have decided to let everyone know that this is well worth the money invested to get a better signal.
    The outside antenna is on the roof. I mounted the booster to the wall & the inside antenna is velcroed to the slide (That's where we sit) Have to tidy up the wires. Plenty of wire for when slide comes in . Anybody can install this, it took about 30 minutes.
    For $357.00 it is well worth it. 4 phones or computers can use it at the same time.

Picture of Booster and inside antenna

There is a Amazon Link top right corner

Booster mounted on wall

3.) Quartzsite

                                GOOD EVENING EVERYONE !!

This is the Villemure Install here in Quartzsite. Here we installed (3) 160 watt (9 Amp) Solar Panels Flat mounted and a 30A Go Power Charge Controller and a 2000 watt Plug-in Inverter on Nov. 15th.  Sorry but No Drone pictures on this one as it was to windy to fly!

Help, can someone pull me out!!, yes that's me in a compartment on my back wiring!

Here we floated the 300A T-Fuse & 40A Breaker on the batteries to keep them out of the weather

Meet Joe our New Friend from Quebec, Canada
He looks like a Happy Camper!!

Junction Box
Each Panel on its own #8 wire to box. #6 going to Controller, Batteries.

30A Go Power Controller ($125)

2000 watt Plug-in type Inverter

(3) 160 watt Solar Panels flat mounts
Note*  No that panel is not flexed, its the way the roof curves (optical illusion)

Monday, November 14, 2016


                    GOOD EVENING EVERYONE!!

This is the Ridley Install in Sunny Quartzsite, Arizona on Nov. 10th. Here we installed (10) 160 watt Solar Panels and a Magnum PT-100A Solar Charge Controller. A Midnite Solar Combiner Box and (2) 30A 150vdc Breakers. This system has (2) 5 panel strings running at 100 volts per string. and a 120A Resettable Circuit Breaker.
Here we have (10) 160 watt Solar Panels
(2) 5 Panel Strings of 100 volts each

1600 Watts @ 100 Amps of PURE POWER !!

Here is the Midnite Solar Combiner Box with (2) 30A 150vdc Breakers

Wiring it up

The Magnum PT-100A Solar Charge Controller ($799)
This Controller can work on the same network as the Magnum Inverters through the Remote


                GOOD EVENING EVERYONE !!

This is the Doherty Install in Sunny Quartzsite, Arizona!!        Installed on Nov. 8th.
   Here we installed (8) 160 watt Solar Panels, (2) 30/24i Blue Sky Solar Boost Controllers, 2 Solar Disconnect Switches, (2) 50A Resettable Circuit Breakers, (8) AGM 6-volt Batteries, 300A T-Fuse for the 5000 watt Modified Aims Inverter all on a MCI BUS (Entire System is 24 Volts)

Here we are starting the job. My good friend Gerry is helping me this winter doing installs.
Thank you Gerry !!

Here we have (2) 30/24i Solar Controllers. (2) Solar Disconnect Switches. (2) 50A Resettable Circuit Breakers. (8) AGM 6-volt Batteries. 300A T-Fuse

Here we Have (8) 160 watt Solar Panels
24 volt System

2 Junction Boxes. #8 wire on roof to #4 to Controllers / Batteries

1280 watts @ 80 Amps of PURE POWER!!