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  I have done some leg work on this Blog to help those who are purchasing equipment through Amazon. On the Right hand side of the page you will find everything you need for purchasing a Magnum Inverter.
  There is a Link for the 2000 watt, 2800 watt, 2800 watt kit ( Inverter, Remote, Battery Monitor Kit), 3000 watt Hybrid, Remote Panel, Auto Generator Start, Battery Monitor Kit, 300 Amp T-Fuse, 400 Amp T-Fuse, 2/0 Wire & 4/0 Wire.
  The wire I found on Amazon is the Best price I have seen anywhere. The  2/0 comes with (2) 10ft. cables, Red & Black. That is $3.14 a foot !! WOW.
The same is with the 4/0 and it even comes with connectors.
  For those wondering why I only promote Magnum, is because I  have the 2800 watt and am well pleased with the inverter. Excellent Customer Service and Made in the USA.
  Xantrex also makes inverters as well as OutBack and are in the top tier.
  Feel free to shop on my Blog for the items you need and if there is something I missed let me know.

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