Solar Charge Controllers

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  I went through the line up for controllers on Amazon since that is where people like to shop. 
I have come up with a wide range of controllers to fit people's various needs and their pocketbook.
   First of all we have the ZAMP 30 Amp Controller, TRISTAR 45 Amp & 60 Amp, GO POWER 30 Amp, RENOGY TRACER 40 Amp, SOLAR BOOST 3000i 30 Amp, SOLAR BOOST 2512.
These controllers will do the job for small systems. There also great controllers for starting out on a low budget.
  For those who want top Quality Solar Controllers we have Outback, Blue Sky, Magnum, Morningstar & Victron.
  There are much cheaper options BUT you get what you pay for. There are hundreds of Chinese controllers on the market for Cheap, I would strongly advise not to buy them.
  I personally like the Solar Boost Blue Sky products. I have installed in my system (3)  30/24i Blue Sky Controllers. All my controllers stack on the same remote (Pro Remote)
  I personally have installed each one of these controllers and have not heard any negative feedback on any of them
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    Have a Great Evening & SEE YOU DOWN THE ROAD !!
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