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   I'm starting this Blog For those who want to Keep Track of me & my Installs. We are presently in Mississippi just across the river from Helena-West-Helena, Arkansas. We have a install Coming up In Collierville, Tennessee. In the Future as I can get a little time I will Post Pictures Of installs, What was installed , and a Price of the install to give everyone a better idea.
    I have links on here to 3 Magnum Inverters and Remote. Magnums are one of the Best Inverters on the market today.They are made in the USA and provide excellent customer service.
    Amazon currently does not sell Blue Sky controllers. There are MANY types of controllers on the market, there are few  worth mentioning. These are your high end controllers MPPT. MAGNUM 100 Amp is one of the newer controllers to have made the lineup. OUTBACK, BLUE SKY 30/24i  & the BLUE SKY 50 Amp.  TRI METRIC 45 Amp and 60 Amp controller.
   There are also a few Low End Controllers like ZAMP and GO POWER which will do the job but do not have the features that high end controllers have.
    I also have a source to 160 watt Mono Panels for $165,00. They are made in the USA & have a 25 yr. warranty. That's all for now... SEE YOU DOWN THE ROAD !!!!

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