Collierville, Tennessee Solar Install

  Finished my Solar install in Collierville,Tennessee today. We have (8) 160 watt Solar panels and (2) Blue Sky MPPT Solar Boost 30/24i Controllers. 4 panels to each controller. For a Combined total of 80 Amps / 1280 watts.
  This is a 12 volt system. Each Panel is wired separately on #8 wire to a Combiner Box . There I switch to #4 wire going to controller, then batteries.
  Wire from controller to batteries has a 50 Amp resettable circuit breaker. Controllers are stacked together ( can stack 7 ).
  All controllers run through the Pro Remote. 2 controllers MAIN  /  SLAVE 1.   Main holds Temp Sensor, 2 Amp charge for Starting Batteries, Remote Panel. Installed on a 34 ft. Motorhome.
  We are heading to our next job Sunday in Columbia, Tennessee.

Have a Great Evening &  SEE YOU DOWN THE ROAD !!

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