Columbia, Tennessee Solar Install

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Sorry it took so long, been busy traveling to our next job and was out of service couple of days. anyhow I will call this the Newell Install we just finished in Columbia, Tennessee. Thank you to the Newell's for letting us campout in there driveway during install. Gracious Hosts!

Here we installed (8) 160 watt Solar Panels all on Tilt Mounts and (2) 30/24i Blue Sky MPPPT Controllers with Pro Remote for a total of 1280 watts // 80 Amps.
   This system was installed on a 39 ft. Motor Home. The Controllers were installed in the closet in the back of the rig, back in the corner which is right above the batteries. 
   Each controller puts out 40 Amps at 12 volts. (4) 160 watt panels is putting in 35.52 amps with 4.5 amps Boost which maxes out each controller for 40 Amps. The Pro Remote is a Must have for anyone wanting to know Exactly what is going on with the battery bank and Solar Array. It requires a Shunt install on the negative side of the batteries reading amps and voltage and millivolts. Also installed is 2  waterproof Combiner Boxes  ( Junction Box ).

This is where each panel is run on its own separate wire (#8 ga.) to the combiner box, then changing to ( #4 ga. ) bigger wire to controller and then on to batteries. Total run on this install from combiner box to batteries is 15 ft. for each controller. Each controller is fused with a 50 amp resettable circuit breaker that also acts as a switch for turning controllers off. Everything you need for this install is through the Amazon links here, One Stop Shopping. If you would like to purchase these 160 watt panels I have a Ebay link. Send me your email address requesting the link. The panels are made in the USA and backed with a 25 yr. warranty. If you are needing a Solar System installed feel free to call, text or email me anytime. Thank-you for visiting and shopping here. It is much appreciated.

We are off to our next install in Columbus, Indiana

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