Columbus, Indiana Solar System Install

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 Its been a very busy week, Sorry I have not been keeping up with the blog! But it's been tough working 10 hours a day, Facebook at night & then the Blog. My poor wife seems to be getting left out of the picture. Anyhow Thank-you to ALL who visit & Shop on this blog, As always Much Appreciated !!

     This is the Sandhage  Install. Thank you to Theresa & Jeff for their hospitality!!
  I installed a 2800 watt Magnum Pure Sine Inverter & Remote, along with a BMK ( Battery Monitor Kit ). The BMK is installed with a Shunt (500A / 50Mil) on a 30 Amp Rockwood Travel Trailer.
                                The structure around the Magnum was designed and fabricated by Theresa's husband Jeff. He did a awesome Job!! It gives it support with plenty of airflow around it.This was the only place to install the inverter to get it close to batteries. This is the front wall in the trailer. Opposite side is slide out with bed.
The Shunt is installed up under trailer & the 400 Amp T-Fuse is installed on the Frame rail. This inverter requires 4/0 wire coming from inverter to batteries. All negative cables go to the shunt. A sub panel was installed in this trailer per Magnum Recommendations for 30 amp rigs. Just outlets and washer pass through inverter via sub panel. all other circuits in trailer Do Not pass through inverter. It was a handy location right behind the Main ac panel, with access from the bathroom.

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