Here we installed a Magnum 2800 watt Pure Sine Inverter, a Sub Panel, 1 Blue Sky 30/24i MPPT Boosting Controller with IPN Pro Remote and two new 6-volt batteries.
As you can see I had to build a box for the batteries and vent them to the outside. These batteries are Lead Acid and cannot be in the same compartment with electronics by themselves. Always make a sealed box vented to outside. The other 2 batteries are under the step and this was the only location to add additional batteries along with inverter.

12 volt System Combiner Box. Each panel is on its own #8 wire to the box, and then #4 wire to the Controller and on to the Batteries.

This is the IPN Pro Remote & Magnum Remote

Finishing up on the roof. Starting to lay down the panels for transport

(4) 160 watt Solar Panels. These panels are made in the USA and have a 25 year warranty. and can be purchased on this Blog.

Getting it all put together. Here we have the Magnum Inverter, 30/24i Solar Controller, and the Sub Panel. The Sub Panel is required on all Magnum Inverter installations whether your 30 amp or 50 amp. The Sub Panel is where the breakers are located that pass through the inverter, usually being all the outlets in the rig.

These are the original Batteries in the step of this MH. Also located is the Shunt for the Pro Remote and the 400 Amp T-Fuse for the Inverter. The Inverter is run with 4/0 Cable DC per Manufacturer Recommendations.

Here is the finished Product. Battery Box, Magnum Inverter, Sub Panel, 30/24i and Generator Auto Start that will be hooked up at a later time.

And a Big Thank you to Our Gracious Host for letting us park in her driveway & providing Shade for the install. See you in Quartzsite this Winter!!

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