Solar & Inverter Install

   Here is a Solar install done on a 25 ft. travel trailer in Quartzsite,Arizona. Customer has (4) 140 watt Kyocera Panels. Flat mounted on roof. Also a Blue Sky MPPT 30/24i Solar Boost controller with Pro Remote. Also installed is a Xantrex  Prosine 2.0 Pure Sine Inverter. Customer also requested turn off switches between Solar & controller / Batteries & controller.
  This is a 12 volt system, 30 Amp trailer. Equipment is installed under bench seat at front of trailer. Vents were installed for adequate ventilation.
   The Prosine 2.0 comes with a built in Transfer Switch and a 100 Amp Charger.
   The 30/24i is rated at 30 Amps 24 volt / 40 Amps 12 volt.

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