Well this was a interesting install. We installed (8) 160 watt Solar Panels, Magnum 100 Amp Controller & (5) 100 Ah Lithium Batteries.
  The Lithium Batteries was a new learning curve for me , but with the help of Zack we got them online. I was very impressed at there holding voltage while the air conditioner was on at night! For a half an hour they maintained 13.2 without dropping and were only 75% charged. 

Here is everything installed. 500 Amp Hours of Lithium Batteries, 100 Amp Magnum Solar Controller & all the wires, switches, fuses, and Circuitry that goes with hooking up Lithium Batteries. ( The Magnum 3000 Hybrid Inverter was already installed)

Two Combiner Boxes ( 4 panels to each Box ) # 8 wire on panels and #4 wire to Controller and #2 wire to Batteries

It sure is a Pretty site. A lot of wiring and time goes into wiring up these Lithium Batteries

(8) 160 watt Solar Panels for 72 amps / 1280 watts / 24v System
  With this system having the 500 Ah lithium Batteries & (8) 160 watt solar panels ,you should have no problems running 13.5 btu Roof Air Conditioning through the day with sunny skies. At night time it is possible also with the Magnum and its 120 amp charger running through a Automatic Gen Start. When the batteries hit a certain voltage the generator automatically starts and stops.

Sorry didn't get a picture after cleaning up the wire mess. Zack looks to be a Happy Camper!!

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