We are in Hesperia, Michigan! At the Boone's Residence for our install July 15th. It sure was nice camping way out in the country. Thank You for your gracious Hospitality!!

This here is the T-Fuse installed 400 Amp for the 2800 Magnum Pure Sine Inverter Installed
Also the 50 Amp Resettable Circuit Breaker for the Solar System

Installed (4) 160 watt Solar Panels on Tilt Mounts. If Boondocking in the South during the winter
months (Nov.- March) it is advisable to tilt panels. 30% can be lost in output during these months when the sun is low in the sky if mounted flat. But only get on roof if you are able!!

Here are the Remotes: IPN Pro Remote (solar) & Magnum Remote (inverter)

This is the Junction Box (weatherproof) Each Panel is on its own wire (#8) wired to the Junction Box
Larger wire (#4) goes from box to controller and to batteries.

This here is the Shunt that is required with the Pro Remote for measuring all current through the batteries & a battery Temperature Sensor on the left.

Here is the Magnum 2800 Watt Inverter / 30/24i Blue Sky Controller & a Solar Array Turn off Switch.


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