We are in Gray, Tennessee at the Appalachian Fairgrounds
Sept. 5th 2016

This is the Sorrentino Install. Here we installed (4) 160 watt Solar Panels, 30/24i MPPT Blue Sky Controller with a IPN Pro Remote
This is the IPN Pro Remote

Here we have the Shunt (required with installation of the IPN Pro Remote) & a  50A resettable circuit breaker resting on batteries (AGM) T-Fuse for inverter (previously installed)

This is the Combiner Box (12v System)  640 watts 40A

Here we all are having a Barbecue at Gregg's MH before the install the next day!!
We have Gregg, Bill Menlee, Nan & John Talley, Sue Boone & of course Me, taking the picture. We had a Awesome time together!!

Sorrentino Home on wheels (Magma Country Coach)

Here we have (4) 160 watt Solar Panel ( Made in the good ole USA, backed with a 25 year Warranty!! )

Panels are on Tilt Mounts & can be tilted in either direction.        ( Dec. - March )

Here we have the Battery Bay & the Electrical Bay (inverter previously installed) Controller lower left of Bay.

All panels are wired separately on #8 wire to Combiner Box. # 4 from Box to Controller to Batteries.

Blue Sky Controller & Solar Disconnect Switch

We have one more install before we leave the area on the 7th

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