This is the McDonel install Sept. 23rd 2016, it is a continuation of a previous install in June. In June we installed (8) 160 watt Solar Panels and (2) 30/24i Blue Sky Charge Controllers with the IPN Pro Remote. This install added 4 more 160 watt panels and 1 more 30/24i controller. for (12) 160 watt panels & (3) 30/24i Blue Sky Controllers

Added 30/24i Blue Sky Controller and 50A resettable circuit breaker

IPN Pro Remote
You can stack 7 controllers on this remote and read each controller individually.

Arial view of all the panels installed on MH
All panels are Flat Mounted

Previous 2 controllers installed in June

(8) 6-volt Full River AGM  / (2) 30/24i Blue Sky Charge Controllers
900 Amps

The Finished Install (12) 160 Watt Solar Panels For 1920 watts!!
This system you can pretty much run whatever your heart desires including air conditioning.

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