This is the Spears Install, our second in Collieville. This install was Sept. 26th 20016. Here we installed (4) 160 watt solar Panels & a Magnum 100 amp Charge Controller. This system was wired up at 24 volts.

Look at All the Space!!

125 Amp Fuse for Magnum PT-100

Arial View of install. (4) 160 watt Solar Panels on Tilt Mounts

Arial View

Magnum PT-100 Amp Solar Charge Controller. (10) 160 watt panels can be installed on this controller.
Disconnect Switch

(2) Combiner Boxes for Expansion of System. Bottom Box 4 panels wired, Top box for additional panels

Installed a Ground Plate for WiFi Antenna Booster

Only place for Magnum Controller to be installed. Batteries will be changed to AGM

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