This is the Pottorff Install on Oct. 2nd 2016. Here we installed (6) 160 watt Solar Panels and a Magnum PT-100 amp Solar Charge Controller.
  The Magnum PT-100 can be networked on the same remote as the Magnum inverter PROVIDING you have the Pure Sine Inverter and not the modified. if you have the modified Magnum (grey case) then you can purchase the upgraded  ME-ARC50 Remote

Before install. (Pictures courtesy of the Phantom 3 Pro)

Arial view of the finished install. Panels laying flat for travel &summer

Magnum PT-100 and Panels  Disconnect Switch

This controller was installed in rear closet. Batteries are 5 ft. away. This is a Large controller and there are limited places to install in a dust & water free area

Panels here are tilted in opposite directions to attach wire on roof

2 Combiner boxes. 6 panels are wired to left box, right box is wired for additional panels. Can add 4 more additional 160 watt panels to controller

Arial View

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