This is the Cooper Install on Oct. 5th. Here we installed (4) 160 watt Solar Panels and a Blue Sky MPPT 30/24i Solar Charge Controller with a IPN Pro Remote and (4) 6-volt V-Max AGM Batteries. And a Magnum 2012 Pure Sine Inverter with Sub Panel.

(4) 160 watt Solar Panels on Tilt Mounts

(4) 160 watt Solar Panels Flat for traveling &summer

Magnum ME-ARC50 Remote for Inverter
IPN Pro Remote for Solar

50A Resettable Circuit Breaker on left & Shunt above

(4) 6-volt V-Max AGM Batteries
300 Amp T-Fuse for Inverter

2000 watt Magnum Pure Sine Inverter
Blue Sky 40A Controller
300A Solar Disconnect Switch

Inverter & Controller was installed under couch directly above battery compartment. False wall was installed to keep storage items away from Inverter and to create plenty of air around equipment 

Combiner Box. Each Panel is wired separately on #8 wire to box & #4 to controller / Batteries

Here is Connie & her 2 German Shepherds Duke & Trooper

Here is a Arial View of the two installs and my rig
So you might ask, what can I run on this system?
Coffee Maker, Limited Microwave, Blow Dryer, TV, Satellite, Computer, Charge phones, ect.
Not a Residential Refrigerator
(For a Residential add 2 batteries & 2 Panels)

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