GOOD EVENING EVERYONE !!

This is the Villemure Install here in Quartzsite. Here we installed (3) 160 watt (9 Amp) Solar Panels Flat mounted and a 30A Go Power Charge Controller and a 2000 watt Plug-in Inverter on Nov. 15th.  Sorry but No Drone pictures on this one as it was to windy to fly!

Help, can someone pull me out!!, yes that's me in a compartment on my back wiring!

Here we floated the 300A T-Fuse & 40A Breaker on the batteries to keep them out of the weather

Meet Joe our New Friend from Quebec, Canada
He looks like a Happy Camper!!

Junction Box
Each Panel on its own #8 wire to box. #6 going to Controller, Batteries.

30A Go Power Controller ($125)

2000 watt Plug-in type Inverter

(3) 160 watt Solar Panels flat mounts
Note*  No that panel is not flexed, its the way the roof curves (optical illusion)

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