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This is the Ridley Install in Sunny Quartzsite, Arizona on Nov. 10th. Here we installed (10) 160 watt Solar Panels and a Magnum PT-100A Solar Charge Controller. A Midnite Solar Combiner Box and (2) 30A 150vdc Breakers. This system has (2) 5 panel strings running at 100 volts per string. and a 120A Resettable Circuit Breaker.
Here we have (10) 160 watt Solar Panels
(2) 5 Panel Strings of 100 volts each

1600 Watts @ 100 Amps of PURE POWER !!

Here is the Midnite Solar Combiner Box with (2) 30A 150vdc Breakers

Wiring it up

The Magnum PT-100A Solar Charge Controller ($799)
This Controller can work on the same network as the Magnum Inverters through the Remote

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