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This is the Doherty Install in Sunny Quartzsite, Arizona!!        Installed on Nov. 8th.
   Here we installed (8) 160 watt Solar Panels, (2) 30/24i Blue Sky Solar Boost Controllers, 2 Solar Disconnect Switches, (2) 50A Resettable Circuit Breakers, (8) AGM 6-volt Batteries, 300A T-Fuse for the 5000 watt Modified Aims Inverter all on a MCI BUS (Entire System is 24 Volts)

Here we are starting the job. My good friend Gerry is helping me this winter doing installs.
Thank you Gerry !!

Here we have (2) 30/24i Solar Controllers. (2) Solar Disconnect Switches. (2) 50A Resettable Circuit Breakers. (8) AGM 6-volt Batteries. 300A T-Fuse

Here we Have (8) 160 watt Solar Panels
24 volt System

2 Junction Boxes. #8 wire on roof to #4 to Controllers / Batteries

1280 watts @ 80 Amps of PURE POWER!!


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