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     I recently purchased a Wilson WeBoost Drive 4G-M. I have always had issues with Internet Signal in some of our Boondocking Locations, as well in our spot on the BLM outside of Quartzsite,Arizona. We always had barely 1 bar in our spot on the BLM.
     After installing it the other day I now have 3 strong bars, sometimes 4. I'm amazed at how well this works and have decided to let everyone know that this is well worth the money invested to get a better signal.
    The outside antenna is on the roof. I mounted the booster to the wall & the inside antenna is velcroed to the slide (That's where we sit) Have to tidy up the wires. Plenty of wire for when slide comes in . Anybody can install this, it took about 30 minutes.
    For $357.00 it is well worth it. 4 phones or computers can use it at the same time.

Picture of Booster and inside antenna

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Booster mounted on wall

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