This is the Pickle Install !! Here we installed a "Full Solar System". (4) 160 watt 9A Solar Panels, Magnum PT-100A Solar Controller, Magnum 2000 watt Pure Sine Inverter, (4) V-Max 6v AGM Batteries. On November 29th 2016. This is a Expandable system, when needed they can add up to 6 more 160 watt panels right into the prewired junction boxes.

Taking pictures with the Drone. 1st flight after its crash 700' on the side of a mountain!

On this install the batteries were located on both sides of the trailer. ( Typically where the propane tanks go ) 6v V-Max AGM Batteries & 125A ANL Fuse for Magnum Controller.

Other side of trailer. 300A T-Fuse for inverter & Shunt
Used 4/0 Cables in between batteries

Magnum ME-ARC50 Remote

640 Watts  /  36A

This system is wired 24v on adjustable tilts with 2 junction boxes for easy addition of more panels.

Here we have the Magnum 2000 watt Pure Sine Inverter & Magnum PT-100A Solar Controller with Disconnect Switch

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