This is the Erby install completed the 15th of December. On a 43 ft. Toy Hauler with 3 air conditioners. We installed (12) 160 watt Solar Panels !! 7 on tilt mounted and 5 flat mounted. (3) Blue Sky 3024i Solar Charge Controllers for 1920 Watts & 120 Amps!!
Also a Magnum 3000 Watt Hybrid 60A Inverter & (8) 6v T-105RE Batteries

Arial View of the Solar install

Here we have the Magnum 3012 Hybrid Pure Sine Inverter
(3) Blue Sky 3024i Solar Charge Controllers with IPN Pro Remote
(3) Solar Disconnect Switches & Shunt

Looking forward on the TH. 3 Waterproof Junction Boxes. One for each controller with 4 panels wired separately to each box on #8 wire. #4 wire going from box to Controllers / Batteries

Arial View

Forward Compartment next to generator with (4) 6v T-105RE Batteries in Stainless Steel Box Vented with 50A Resettable Circuit Breaker for MASTER Controller

Arial View

Looking towards back of TH is (9) 160 watt panels

(2) 50A Resettable Circuit Breakers for SLAVE 1 & SLAVE 2 Controllers

Sub Panel installed for the Magnum Hybrid Inverter
All AC outlets and one air conditioner

Other (4) 6v T-105RE Batteries in a totally sealed and vented box in Bay

On this System we used (3) Blue Sky Controllers to obtain 120 amps. This system is also expandable. 7 controllers can Stack on the same IPN PRO REMOTE, with readings of each individual controller.
The Magnum PT-100A is only capable of 100 amps and at this time NOT Stackable.

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