This is the England install, installed on December 21st. Here we installed (6) 160 watt Solar Panels, 2 Blue Sky 30/24i 40A Solar Controllers, (6) AGM Batteries, Magnum 2800 watt Pure Sine Inverter.
This is on a 35 ft. Excel.

This is located in the front compartment.
2800 watt Magnum Inverter, 2 Blue Sky Controllers, (6) 6v AGM Batteries, 2 Solar Disconnect Switches, (2) 50A resettable circuit breakers, 400A T-Fuse

Looking towards rear of 5ver. TV Antenna is over solar panel in travel mode. no other choice as we had difficult time placing 6 solar panels on roof with vents in not normal places.

Looking forward on 5ver. Panels tilt long ways instead of traditional sideways. Each panel is on its own #8 wire to 2 junction boxes.

IPN Pro Remote & Magnum ME-ARC50

Shunt is located on left side

Junction Boxes where panels come together on #8 wire and then #4 wire to Controller / Batteries

Sub Panel for Magnum Inverter. Sub Panels are Required on 30A rigs as well to separate hot loads such as air conditioning.

IPN Pro Remote is for the Blue Sky Controllers and is one of the Best Battery Monitors out there. 7 Blue Sky Controllers can Stack on the same Remote looking at each controller individually.

Magnum ME-ARC50 Advanced is a great remote if you have all Magnum products. You can access the settings for BMK, PT-100A, Gen Start, Inverter,

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