Solar Cynergy 120 Watt 12 Volt Monocrystalline
Solar Panel Flexible (Grommets)

Solar Cynergy semi-flexible solar panel got an impermeable lamination coats the entire module, allowing it to contour and flex against curved areas, eliminating any need for custom mounts. The panel can be affixed by adhesive stick or glue mounting ease of installation. The thin, lightweight module can also be affixed to or sewn into canvas, including bimini tops.
Semi-flexible solar panels provides greater power efficiency than a traditional model. Flexibility for the solar panel mounted on an RV, boat, cabin, tent, or any other irregular surface.

  • Ideal for  RV boat or tight spaces or crowded areas that are typically off limits for traditional glass and aluminum models.
  • Suitable for marine use: the laminate coating on the exterior of the panel makes it impervious to saltwater splashing, rain, and other weather elements.
  • Completely waterproof Junction box. sealed and waterproof junction box makes it waterproof for rain splashing.
  • Light weight 82 % lighter than aluminum glass solar modules
  • Durable surface is less than 1/8" / 2.5mm thick
  • Quick Connectors: 1.4 meters of flex fitted with MC4 connectors for quick and easy set up
  • Mounting: Grommets Included
  • 1-year material warranty

This Solar Panel can be Purchased on the Blog in the Panels Catagory

Unbreakable, can store multiple panels together without fear of breakage, compact. No need for frame, just set out on ground .
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